Digital Evolution

9 November, Studio, Malmö


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#5 Trust makes the world go round

The number of people that you truly trust is limited to a small number of people within your inner circle. We take our cues from the people that we trust the most and specific behaviors ripple through communities along its internal trust networks or the pathways of contagion. In the past two years we have been able to decode internal trust networks by analyzing electronic interaction data between people and identified very clear finger prints indicative of high trust relationships. Here, we will explain how trust was decoded and how we developed a framework that can predict trust between individuals in highly diverse communities using simple email headers.

Alif Saleh is the co-founder of Starling Trust Sciences, an enterprise people analytics company, and the CEO of Scipher Medicine, a precision medicine company applying network science, AI and deep learning to medicine in order to predict which drug a patient will clinically respond to. Based in Boston, Alif leads the commercialization of new predictive technologies that challenge existing norms and our understanding of the levers that drive and control the world we live in.



Sessionens facilitator:


Alif Saleh



co-funder at Starling trust sciences, CEO at Scipher Medicine